Everybody has one at home and also use it – some more often, some less often – the TV set. It is one of our most important entertainment media.

Since already one century the television is an important part of your life. We receive programs twenty-four-seven. It wasn’t like this until a few years ago. In the 80s the program closed at midnight and then they only send TV test pattern.

In Germany we have lots of television channels, which are subdivided into public, private and payed broadcasting.Public broadcasting are channels like ARD, ZDF, Phoenix, Arte, KiKa, MDR, HR, BR. NDR and 3Sat. The oldest and also first German channel is ARD. It is on air since 25. December 1952.

The spread of private broadcasting is a little bit bigger, because they are subdivided in different groups. One is the RTL Group with RTL, RTL II, Vox, Super RTL and N-TV. Another one is ProSiebenSat.1 Media with Pro7, Sat.1, N24, Kabel 1 and 9Live. The third group is MTV Networks Germany. MTV, Viva, Nick and Comedy Central belong to it.

Finally there are the channels of payed TV. A lot of them belong to Viacom Networks, like MTV Base, MTV two, MTV Hits, Nick Premium and VH1. Another big group is Disney ABC Channel with Disney Channel and Playhouse Disney. Channels like Animal Planet and Discovery belong the the Discovery Com.